Our leads nurturing services helps companies design and execute campaigns to meet their specific engagement goals and turn leads into high-quality sales conversation.

With BANT we effectively identify right leads for you, separating them from the lost causes and allowing you a very strong sales opportunity. We tailor-make our approach to suit the prospect.

Leads which have undergone the BANT qualification process. They have answered all the questions and meet the criteria to be a good fit for your product.

To know how close, they are to a buying decision:

  • To know how close, they are to a buying decision.
  • We take confirmed consent to be contacted.
  • Identify the current solution the prospect is using.
  • Identify number of locations they have been operating from.
  • Identify if any challenges or pain points.
  • Identify the time frame to change the current solution.


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Data is the fuel to any successful sales and marketing strategy. The absence of accurate data can make or break a marketing strategy and therefore, the need of an accurate database becomes indispensable. Utilize our Solutions to kick-start your marketing strategy and forget all the stress about bad data.


We offer technology and media companies with services by which we effectively monetize their documented assets through telemarketing and online campaigns which reach decision makers, create awareness of the content and the associated brand and finally disseminating your content to them ( via e-mail or otherwise ), with their permission.


This service focuses on building your sales pipeline by identifying new prospects interested in your services. Typically we can set up about 10-12 meetings a month, with call volumes as high as 150 - 200/per day. Unlike traditional telemarketing firms or call centers, our experienced sales staff has the knowledge and skills to navigate complex organizations, handle gatekeepers, and discuss real business issues with decision makers.

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